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The goal of the game is to make a combination of five cards better than the dealer's. The game uses a deck of 52 cards without jokers. The cards ranking: Ace-King-Dame-Jack-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2. In the combination of "Straight" Ace can count as both a low or high card

Terms Of Play

To start the game, players bet on "ANTE" field. Then the dealer deals two cards face down to each player and himself, and then three open cards in the middle of the table (flop) - the so-called "community " cards. After this, the player, seeing his cards and three "community " ones is to decide whether to continue the game or not.

If you decide not to continue the game, you should put your cards on the table without opening them, and say "PASS". The dealer picks up the cards; the "ANTE" bet loses.

If you continue the game, you are to place rate in the field "BET", equal to two "ANTE". After that, the dealer adds to community cards two more ones and opens his cards.

The goal of each player is to find the best combination of five cards, using two of his own, and five of community cards. Similar to the players, the dealer determines his own combination using his two and five community cards. All the got combinations of players are to be compared with the dealer's one.

The minimum game is a “pair of fours”. If a set of five cards from the dealer and the player is identical, then the board does not lose, and does not win. The remaining two cards, from the seven-card set, are not taken into account under any circumstances.

If the player's hand is higher than the dealer's combination, then the winning "ANTE" bets are to be paid according to the payout table, and  the "BET" - 1: 1.

Payout Table

Royal Flush     100:1

Straight Flush  20:1

Four of a kind 10:1

Full House      3:1

Flush   2:1

Straight         1:1

Three of a kind         1:1

Two pairs       1:1

Pair of fours   1:1

In case the dealer has no game, the "ANTE" bets are to be paid in the ratio 1:1 if there is a " Straight " on the board, below or in its absence; In accordance with the payout table - in the case if on the board there is "Flush" and above. Bets will not be paid.

In a case of free boards, one player can play with two boards "face up". "ANTE" bets of one player should be equal on open boards. First is needed to make a decision on the first course of the board distribution, then on the second one. Bets as "face up" should be done on the nearby boxes. The number of "face down" bets is limited only by the availability of free boards of the table. The value of "face down" bets can differ from the rates made "face up", but are equal to each other.

Bonus Game

Before the game starts, besides the mandatory “ANTE" rate, you can place a side bet - on bonus. The bonus is played regardless of the dealer's game (even if the dealer has “no game” or the game is high). The bonus is to be paid in the ratio of 7:1, provided that the player's hand from the first five cards are Bullets and higher. The bonus bet cannot be less than the half of the minimal table rate and exceed the half of ANTE bet.

Bonus payout not included in maximum table payout.

Disputed Cases

  • If croupier violates the cards distribution order (dealt somebody an extra card, dealt less cards, dealt cards to an empty board, didn’t dealt cards to a playing board, etc.), the dealing of the cards is to be suspended and croupier restores the correct order of the cards exit. After that, the distribution resumes, and the game continues in its usual order. Here, players are prohibited to touch the cards. In case of non-compliance with this requirement, the game is not to be played out, the dealer collects cards from all the boards, players' bets remain in their places, the cards are segregated and a new game begins.
  • If it is impossible to restore the cards correct exit, the dealer collects cards from all the boards, players' bets remain in their places and a new game begins.
  • If the dealer has opened his own first or second card, then redeal is to be made.
  • If croupier has opened his cards until all the players have made a decision, then on the boards where the decision has already been taken, it is forbidden to change it. The rest of the players can either close their boards or to fold.
  • If croupier has incorrectly announced the player's or his own combination, croupier is to correct the mistake.
  • If croupier incorrectly paid the board, croupier is to correct the mistake (in case of underpayment).
  • The cards redeal occurs if at least one of the game participants has received the wrong number of cards.


- During the game, it is not allowed to exchange information, as well as remove cards from the table!

- Cards are to remain of croupier eyeshot at any time.

- Redeal is not to be a case for «ANTE» payout.

- Credit and cash bets are not accepted.


The decision of casino management in disputed situations is to be considered as final.