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Your goal is to predict right number and bet on it.


Each table is equipped with five sets of tokens of different colors without specifying the value. The player can choose the tokens of one color, which only he uses during the game. Meanwhile, the player assigns the value of tokens (denomination) for the whole game. Game-tokens are being exchanged by players for cache-tokens. Leaving the table, it is necessary to exchange game-tokens for cache-tokens, as on the other tables and at the cash desk, colored tokens are not accepted, and if to be back to the table after a long absence, they will be valued at the minimum cost.

At the beginning of the game dealer offers players to bet: "Please, place your bets", after which he spins the ball. Approximately three circles before the fall of the ball, the dealer cuts off betting by calling out ”No more bets”. After this call from the dealer, players are prohibited to place, moderate and remove bets. Once the ball drops, the dealer identifies and announces the winning number, returns the change from the maximal bets, announces the winning call bets, swaps off the losing tokens from the table and pays the winning bets in accordance with the established order. Until the end of the payouts it is forbidden to change the bet on the winning number, to remove or bet on this number.

Disputed bets (before the ball falls), where possible, are being clarified with the player. After the ball fell, all disputable bets are forbidden to be touched, moderated, etc. The decision on these rates is to be made by the management of the Casino at the actual position of the bet at the time of the fall of the ball.


The number of players at the table is limited only by the space around the playing table. Each player can bet on any combination, regardless of the actions of the other players at the table. The rules of American roulette offer players to bet themselves. You can bet with both game-tokens and cache-tokens, but not less than the minimum and not higher than the maximum ones for each type of the bet, specified on the plate on each table.

In case of "Zero" drop, all bets placed on "red" or "black", "even" or "odd", "1-18" or "19-36", "columns" and "dozens" - are considered as lost.

Call Bets

For convenience and variety on American roulette there is a wide range of "call" bets. "Call" bets are accepted by cache-tokens. "Call" bets are being accepted before the launch of the ball, as well as during the spin of the ball. The number of accepted "call" bets is determined by their complexity and the loading of the table.

Bets and Payouts



  1 Number

 Straight up



  2 Number




  3 Number




  4 Number




  6 Number

 Six Line



  12 Number

 Columns, Dozens



  Even, Odd, Red, Black, 1-18,19-36

 Even Chances



Call bets include series. The series represents a certain portion of the wheel of the roulette. Each series is placed on the roulette field in a certain way and using a certain number of tokens. During the spin, the series is being located on a specially defined field, called a track. For the acceptance of the series, the number of tokens is multiple to the number of tokens in a certain series.

Number Neighbors Bet.

This bet includes any number you choose and of 2 ones on both sides from it on the roulette wheel. To bet on a number neighbors, you need 5 tokens or any other number of tokens multiple of 5. You can order number neighbors with cache-tokens.

On the American roulette, only the following call bets are accepted: "Number Neighbors", Tiers, Orphelins, Voisins, ZeroSpiel.

If a player bets on the track himself, then the bet is considered to be accepted only if the dealer or inspector announces it aloud.

The dealer has the right to refuse the player to accept the call bet in case he doesn’t manage to fulfill the procedure for any reason and comply the admission rules (many orders at the same time, the tokens scattered on the table, etc.).

Minimum and maximum Bets

The bets that are less than the minimum are not being payout or accepted.

The bets that are over than the maximum of the table are necessarily equalized by the "maximum" and only after that there is to be a payout, or the losing bet is to be taken off.

Not Accepted:

  • Not clearly formulated, non-specific, incorrect bets;
  • Bets, announced in incomprehensive language;
  • Late bets. Late bets are those, which were placed after the dealer’s words: "No more bets"; Bets, which were left on the table, but not before the ball falls, are also considered as late;
  • Credit Betting (undetermined bets - simply called out aloud or conventionally designated by any object);
  • Cash Betting;
  • Betting with color-tokens of another roulette table or cache-tokens of another casino.

The decision of casino management in disputed situations is to be considered as final.