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The goal of the game is to collect cards with a sum of points, possibly close to 21 and higher than the dealer's. When you exceed 21 ("bust"), the bet loses.

Terms of play

When calculating the sum of the points proceed from the value of the cards. Ace - 1 or 11 - by the player’s wish, "pictures" and ten-value cards - 10 points, the others are by the denomination denoted by them. To participate in the game you need to make "cache" bets with the tokens for specially outlined fields ("boxes"). The minimum number of boxes in the game is one. At the beginning of the game the dealer gives out two cards for each playing box and one card for him face up. You make your decision according to the sum of the points of the first two cards:

  • to not take a card (to stop);
  • to take one more card,
  • to use additional opportunities.

The highest combination of two cards is Black Jack (Ace and a ten value card or Ace and a "picture" from the first distribution).

On the BJ box

If the dealer's open card is not an Ace or ten-spot, then the dealer immediately pays Black Jack in the ratio 3: 2, the cards are to be taken away. If the dealer has an Ace, you have a choice - the dealer pays bet immediately 1: 1 ("Equal money"), or the game is to continue. If the dealer's first card is a ten-spot or "picture", then the dealer only announces BJ. In the case dealer has BJ, you don’t win or lose.

After all the players at the table made their decisions on their cards, the dealer takes cards for himself. The dealer is obliged to take a card if he has less than 17 and must stop if the sum of the points is 17 or higher. The dealer’s Ace is to be considered by highest possible value, not allowing "bust". If the points sum on the box exceeds the sum of the dealer's points, then the bet is paid with 1:1. If the box and the dealer have the same sum of points - the bet stays on the "box" ("STAY"). If the dealer’s points are higher - the bet loses. If the dealer's points has exceeded 21 ("bust"), then dealer pays for all playing boxes.

The opportunities that increase the player's chances


  1. Double

You can double your bet at any number of points, except BJ, before the third card is being released to the box. But you get only one additional card.

  1. Split.

If the first two cards have the same value, then such "pair" can be divided. To do this, you need to place an additional bet equal to the original one. Each card continues to play independently. "Splitting" cards, the dealer deals additional card to the first one, and, completing the set, turns to the second one. Cards can be divided only three times (up to 4 boxes), aces split is to be produced no more than two times (up to three boxes). For each divided Ace only one card is to be given. If the Ace comes in a ten-spot or "picture", then it is not to be considered as Black Jack combination and gives in total 21. Double is allowed after Split (except the split of Aces).

  1. Insurance.

If the dealer’s first card is an Ace, you have the right to insure your bet from the possible Black Jack combination from the dealer before the third card dealt on the first playing box (Black Jack is not being insured). To do this, you should bet on the insurance line, which is not to exceed the half of the sum of all your bets. This bet wins and is paid 2: 1 if the dealer has Black Jack and loses if there is no Black Jack. In the case if there two or more players at the table, and someone refuses to insure his bets, the other player (players) is able to put the insurance in the amount which is not to exceed the half of all bets on boxes.

  1. Surrender.

If you think that the chances of winning are not high, you can refuse to continue the game at any time before entering the box of the third card. In this case, you lose half of the bet. You can’t make Surrender if the dealer’s first card is an Ace.

  1. Prizing Combinations.

Player can form a winning combination. The conditions for its formation and payout are in the table below

The first card is “seven”       1:2

Two “sevens” 1:1

Two sevens of the same suit         5:1

Three sevens of the diverse suit     10:1

Three sevens of the same suit       100:1


The dealer pays for these combinations after the distribution is over, only the winning boxes are to be paid. The rules for payment of prizing combinations when splitting are being preserved.

The decision of casino management in disputed situations is to be considered as final.