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Casino Royale Signature
2 Tandzaghbyuri street, Tsakhkadzor city, Armenia (next to hotel Mariott Tsakhkadzor)
Rus Eng Arm Ira
+(374) 55 29 41 45 - Russian, English

Casino tours


The tour lasts from 3 to 5 days The Guest can invite with him/her one person “Econom” class of air flight to Yerevan and back Meeting in the airport, transfer from the airport to the hotel and to the Casino “De Lux” room of «Tsaghkadzor Marriott Hotel» (without extra payments of hotel: mini bar, hotel room services ...), V.S., O.P. segment alcohol. Breakfast in the Hotel Restaurant (also permitted in Casino Restaurant), Lunch and Dinner in Casino Restaurant Free beverages in “ROYALE SIGNATURE” Casino 24 hours Exclusive tour to the sights and entertainment places of Armenia


American Roulette Russian poker Texas poker Black Jack with Bonuses The dealers on all cards tables are only dealing through shuffle machines. It is not permitted to pass out the chips to other person and to take it away from the territory of the Casino.